“Jeff Klubeck’s insights and motivation have transformed individuals and organizations alike. He’s developed and implemented customized programs for large international clients and universities, as well as provided guidance and personalized coaching for countless individuals.” 

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Here’s What They’re Saying


“Jeff brings high energy and discipline to the services he provides. Moreover, he does not take a “one size fits all” approach and will custom-tailor his services to fit the client’s needs and goals.”

Michael Gibson, Partner Higgs Fletcher & Mack, LLP


“Jeff Klubeck puts his heart and soul into coaching and is truly an expert in his field. His compassionate, dedicated approach holds me accountable yet open to the possibilities and change that only I hold the key for. With Jeff’s help, I continue to learn about myself and make improvements in my life. I feel blessed to call Jeff my coach, with him my my side anything is possible!”

Candice J. Yusim, Vice President Publicity and Program Marketing Tribal Brands


“Jeff is one of most unique individuals I’ve ever met. His style of coaching is direct, customized, and most importantly effective. You know when you’re trying to pinpoint something, whether it’s what you’re doing right or doing wrong? Jeff will figure it out and either fix it or exploit it. Money well spent with hiring him, I guarantee it.”

Landon Jeager Mance, Social Media Manager


“I have the distinct honor to not only call Jeff a colleague but a great friend as well. Jeff Klubeck approaches his coaching practice with tenacity. He is always listening to his clients and gives himself 100% of his attention to making sure he has all the facts and he also finds the meaning if its even unclear to his clients. I recommend him highly as he embodies what a true coach and professional should be.”

Brian Traichel, Director of Business Development Brian Tracy International


“Jeff Klubeck, Get A Klu, gives an amazing ride into what its like to be on the mountain top of success. The Klu experience is expansive, mind-blowing, direct and fun. If you are wanting to expand your limits, Get A Klu!”

Elizabeth Cruz, The Mighty Tiny

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“Jeff Klubeck is an amazing individual. He has a special gift of getting one from point A to point B in life and in business. He helped me put my inner desires in front of me and then guided me in formulating a plan to achieve them. Thank you Jeff Klubeck!”

Orlando Javien, Jr., Owner Javien & Associates/IAMbookeeper.com

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“Jeff is energetic, insightful and full of excellent ideas to develop both individuals and teams to a higher level of performance and growth. Jeff does this with patience and exceptional listening and facilitation skills. He understands the root of issues not just the symptoms. His patience and facilitation are also key so that whether individual or team, in the next step the team moves to solve their issue(s) with both buy-in and readiness to act.”

Annette Mason, CM&AA, Director of Strategic Planning
Member/Attendee: BAE Systems Employee and Alumni Network


“Jeff:  I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to be having you as my coach, consultant, and friend.  You’ve played a tremendous part in the advancement for me career-wise and you’ve helped me pave the way to where I want to be in my personal life.  I know I couldn’t have done it without you motivating me and guiding me every step of the way.  I’m excited and looking forward to reaching all of my goals and dreams.  I appreciate all the help and support you provide me with and I’m so thankful to be working with you.  You’re the BEST!”  Thanks,

Jaclyn Yee, Operations Manager, Angel Team Mortgage


I received great value from my coaching sessions with Jeff Klubeck. Jeff has a most direct style but one that has layers of caring for the person he is coaching As well as great humor. He knew the appropriate and helpful exercises to have me work on my issues. They assisted me with clarity and knowledge of the work that needed to be done. He is a kind & supportive person and I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone needing a “caring wizard”.

Anne E Wertz


“Jeff’s coaching style brought me so much clarity through a major transition in my life. He helped me to understand where I was not only in my business, but personal life as well and through that I was able to take action in the direction I needed most. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking to improve their overall quality of life as well as business productivity. It is such a joy and blessing to be around someone with so much positive energy, you can’t help but feel energized just in conversations with Jeff.”

Shayla Hope, Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams Realty – North County

“Jeff did wonders for me in both helping organizing myself, and helping propel my business to very high levels. As a new State Farm agent in 2008 I had a lot to learn. Jeff helped me understand my strengths, and weaknesses and take action to create and execute plans. Through Jeff’s support I was able to achieve many of the highest honors both at State Farm and in the industry…MDRT(Million Dollar Roundtable), Chairmen’s Circle, State Farm Exotic Trip, Mutual Fund Leaders, Senior Vice President’s Club amongst others…these are great awards at any stage of the game, but very hard to achive this quick. Never could have done so without Jeff’s coaching. While the awards are great, the real win is that I am helping more clients, and helping them in with very sound advice that Jeff helped me shape. I continue to check in with Jeff with specific needs and highly recommend others use his services!”

Jason Smith, Owner Jason Smith State Farm Agency

“I have worked with Jeff numerous times and he helped me increase my sales and made me more focus on what is most important in my business and personal life.”

The Michael Abdou Insurance Agency, Inc.

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“Since we started using Jeff’s effective meeting tools, we have seen morale and productivity increased. Employees now look forward to meetings and come focused on their responsibilities.  We really did ‘get a Klu.”

Paul Melchior, Director, Dining Services-Aztec Shops LTD.
www.aztecshops.com / www.eatatsdsu.com

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We asked Jeff to lead our Workplace Communication presentation team because of his extraordinary gifts as a communicator, coach and teacher. Working with Jeff is a lesson. He is a walking, talking demonstration of the knowledge, skills and strategies which he shares in such a powerful, exciting, indelible way. Jeff makes his profound knowledge of communication incredibly understandable and accessible. I’ve brought Jeff into client consultations and his reading of people’s needs and how to truly communicate with them is spot on. Because Jeff is so attuned to what people are thinking and feeling, he is an awesome negotiator and marketeer who sees the big picture. Our signature style is very interactive and entertaining and Jeff exemplifies those words! With Jeff, we know our clients will have the tools needed for a lifetime of clear, conscious, constructive communication — something urgently needed in our world.

Kit Goldman, Workplace Training Network, Inc.

social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff is a unique coach. His methodology for introducing potential clients to his coaching is genius. His dedication to his clients by holding them accountable and helping them get clear on their issues is highly valuable to getting results and resolutions. He's hard working, committed, and genuine. If you want a support partner in your life's journey or business development, call Jeff.
Andrea Susan Glass
Dean of Education at The Ebook Academy
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff is energetic, insightful and full of excellent ideas to develop both individuals and teams to a higher level of performance and growth. Jeff does this with patience and exceptional listening and facilitation skills. He understands the root of issues not just the symptoms. His patience and facilitation are also key so that whether individual or team, in the next step the team moves to solve their issue(s) with both buy-in and readiness to act.
Annette Mason, CM&AA
Experienced Strategist
social_linkedin_box_blue-45I heard Jeff Klubeck speak today at the Coastal Networking luncheon and after having a worked with him through several coaching sessions, I can honestly say that Jeff is a brilliant coach and amazing speaker. He makes me want to be a better person in business and in life just because of his conviction that it's possible, that anyone can attain a greater quality of life in any area, through the power of SMAART goals, the Klubeck way! Get A Klu! Jeff is without doubt my favorite coach in San Diego. I highly recommend Jeff as a coach, speaker, and incredible addition to any person's support team.”    
Barbara Leuin
Your Concierge for Private Commercial Lending
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff has changed the shape of our company and i would highly recommend that all people join a coaching program. People ask what coaching is like and I always tell them not having a coach is like showing up to a football game without a coach. You might win some, but you are defiantly not the best you could be!
Christian Rovsek
CEO at ServiceFirst Restoration Inc.
Meeting people like Jeff is one of the advantages of my work. As a professional speaker, I get to connect with a lot of great people and Jeff is one who stands out. He recently invited me to be a guest on his "Get A Klu" interview series where he is exploring new platforms in an effort to more effectively coach and share his vision with clients. I am not very tech savvy but he opened me up to a broader perspective for mentoring and coaching in my own business. I would without hesitation recommend his services. I look forward to continue building a working relationship and friendship with Jeff Klubeck.
Dan Caro
INSPIRATIONALIST at Live Hot! Productions
social_linkedin_box_blue-45If you want success, you can't go wrong engaging Jeff as a coach. His preparation, qualifications, and resourcefulness are focused on leading me to act decisively on what matters today. Any coach is better than no coach, but Jeff delivers a unique value far beyond what I expected.
Don Bury
Insurance Cost Reduction Services
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff is very personable, reliable and trustworthy. He has expertise as a business coach and understands the human aspect of business as well as the nuts and bolts of business building. Jeff was creative in his approach to coaching our "husband and wife" start up in San Diego, and proved to be an inspiring person with great enthusiasm and energy. We will recommend Jeff to any business seeking the high quality "out of the box" coaching Jeff Klubeck provides.
Dr. Kellee Rutley
Rutley Chiropractic & Weight Loss
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff is nothing short of just an outstanding reliable person. I have worked with Jeff one-on-one teaching me to be a business coach. He took me through the process step by step with extreme patience. What I liked about Jeff was that he was always well prepared and he knew his subject matter in detail. But what really impressed me the most was his caring attitude and thoughtfulness. It is rare these days to find someone so passionate about their trade. We work together one-on-one for many months and the value I received was outstanding. I could always count on Jeff to be punctual, reliable and honest.
Dr. Steve Snipes, DDS
CEO at Dental Management Solutions
social_linkedin_box_blue-45My coaching sessions with Jeff were eye opening. He combines his caring personal style with his knowledge and expertise to help you focus in on how to get the results you really want. He helped me increase my self-awareness and focus and gave me tools to achieve results. He is a professional with great integrity. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking self-improvement.
Eric Flicker
Operations Executive-International Supply Chain Professional
social_linkedin_box_blue-45It's been a privilege getting to know Jeff Klubeck over the last 5 years. Jeff is a consummate professional advisor and coach who helps his clients quickly get to the core of an issue. He is engaging and motivates his clients to focus on what they can do and be accountable to accomplish it. Jeff instills confidence in his clients because he is candid with out the condescension or judgement. If you are seeking a professional life/business coach or advisor, give Jeff a call. You will be the better for it.
Jack Cohen
Business Performance Advisor at Insperity
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff is a brilliant coach and Workplace Communication expert. We have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on live, custom presentations and it is a tremendously rewarding and powerful experience for the attendees and his co-presenters!
Kit Goldman
Workplace Training Network, Inc.
social_linkedin_box_blue-45If I could associate two words that would describe what Jeff has done for me, it would be these two words: HIGH IMPACT. Jeff has played a pivotal role in developing my mindset for building my advertising agency. He keeps me on track and accountable for the action tasks and goals I decide to set for myself. He opens my mind to different perspectives on how I should handle and manage situations. He is a great mentor and the real deal. I am grateful and happy that he is my business adviser and friend.
Michael Elgo
Advertising and Visual Solutions Lifesaver
social_linkedin_box_blue-45Jeff turned my life around. Pam and I hired him because we couldn't decide whether to stay in the business we were in or start looking for another business. Jeff got us to ask ourselves the really tough questions and decide what it was we really wanted from our lives both long term and short term. Within 6 weeks it was clear to us that we had come to a dead end and we had to make changes. With the new tools he had now given us, we were able to decide what we wanted to do next. He led us step by step through the decision making process, always asking just the right questions in every case. He provided a structure and a timetable and within 3 months of starting to work with him we had made a decision on a new business which is going great and with which we are having a lot of fun. Without Jeff, we would probably have remained at the dead end.
Tom Koppel
Owner at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More San Diego North

Get A Klu, Inc. always adheres to a formula that applies assessment, strategy and accountability to the client’s specific goals and professional growth. Contact him for two free, life-changing consultations today.