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Hey Klubeck, I just got out of a huge meeting with my entire company, including some major players and higher ups in Verizon. Without warning, I was asked to give a presentation on what my department does. I had about 10 min to prepare which is not much time. But literally thanks to The Klubeck 8 Step Approach, I was freed up to organize my thoughts in less than 10 minutes. Needless to say, I killed it. I knocked it out of the park, and impressed not only my direct supervisors, but theirs as well. It came off as though I had been preparing that speech all week. My bosses, and my bosses’ bosses came up after the fact to tell me how great I had done. I was beaming and I just had to pass that along, and say, Thanks Klubeck!

- Forrest “Brannon” Dempsey, Installations Manager - Verizon Telematics

One of the projects Jeff and I worked on was a 25-minute "vision speech" that I had to give to a small group of colleagues. This was quite an important presentation and I think it went quite well. In the one on one phone coaching with Jeff, I found it really useful to actually work directly on some presentations and 'next step' thinking that I actually had to do. Jeff was very patient in letting me go over some rather technical material a number of times. Much of the success was definitely due to Jeff's help.

- David Berrigan, PhD MPH, Biologist/Program Director - National Cancer Institute

Hands down one of the best teachers I have ever had. Jeff makes it fun and easy. If you have a public speaking phobia Jeff will get rid of it. This is a remarkable class. Jeff is a beautiful human being. Learn Public Speaking with Jeff and it will change your life.

- Former Student, Miramar College

Jeff really is great. His main goal is to show people that public speaking is something we can all do. He is very supportive, very funny, and very passionate. Great experience. I would definitely recommend learning Public Speaking from Jeff.

- Former Student, City College