Earlier this week I?shared the importance of the DISC assessment. Now that?I’m on an assessment kick, I want to share the importance of the other assessment I focus on at Get A Klu: The?Online Motivators Assessment. This assessment is a combination of the research from Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport. You will discover what motivates an individual. The seven dimensions of values discovered between these two researchers help us understand the reasons that drive an individual to utilize their talents in the unique way they do.

Motivators Assessments Get A Klu 2

Imagine knowing how to enable your staff and team members to work at their highest potential because you understand what motivates them. This gives you a chance to adjust things based on each individual’s needs.

The Online Motivators Assessment uses a click-and-drag approach to rank various statements, which makes taking the instrument more intuitive and natural. In the end, you can actually create the order you see in your mind on the screen.

The Online Motivators Assessment contains the most contemporary list of statements to make your choices more relevant to your life today, which helps ensure the most accurate results possible. See the chart below to understand the seven dimensions of motivation.

Motivators Assessments Get A Klu

Still have questions about Assessments? You can always reach to me at any time. Better yet, you can join my Online Office Hours (OOHs) HERE.


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