Not too long?ago, I shared 3 easy ways to keep yourself accountable. In the past I have also offered free accountability audios to help you grow in your personal and professional life. My Free Accountability Audios provide?tips?on how you can use the skills of an Life/Business Coach to keep yourself and others accountable.?Well today, history repeats! ?I’m bringing my free accountability downloads back and they even come with a fill-in-the-blank?style worksheet to follow along!

Why am I putting so much emphasis on accountability? The truth is, most people COMPLETELY understand what Accountability IS?and even how much it is needed in their career/organization?yet most people have never been taught HOW to professionally hold themselves and others accountable.

Many people confuse having a friend that will be an ?Accountability Partner? with having a trained professional serve as an ?Accountability Coach??and their results show it! This part also relates to this month’s OOHs topic on relationships so it’s a very fitting time for me to bring up accountability again.

This Material is ?excerpt??taken directly from the Get A Klu Coaching and Leadership Training that dozens of people have paid THOUSANDS of dollars to go through! You?ll get it today for free, and here?s what to expect:

  • Learn the FOUR SECTIONS of a Coaching Session AND the techniques you?ll need to execute them! What this means is that you will learn the strategies a coach like myself uses to keep myself and others accountable.
  • Learn what QUESTIONS you need to ask to get yourself and others into their calendars to make appointments with themselves!
  • Listen in to REAL students of Accountability learning the material in live discussion with, Head Coach, Jeffrey Klubeck!
  • Learn how to make ?confrontation? desired, expected AND appreciated by the people you are leading!

To get my free Accountability Audios, click HERE.

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