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Get A Klu, Inc. is proud to introduce “Indomitable Will’ Bayan Ghahramani as the Sales and Small Business Expert on our team.

Bayan’s determination and drive has led her to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with. Quickly adapting to any environment through sheer determination to never be mediocre, she fearlessly jumps into any industry, taking its most difficult situations and mastering them with ease.

With a BA in communication, she knows that any successful business lies at the heart of being able to have effective marketing.

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Utilizing her abilities that were garnered and tempered through years of being a promoter in a cut-throat industry in the heart of Vegas, her skills in personal branding and marketing have proven effective and successful for her clients.

Bayan, backed by her indomitable will and ability to adapt, brings her recipe of success to help small businesses and young executives master:

  • Sales Training
  • Small Business Ownership
  • Personal Branding and Marketing
  • Motivation

Current Services Provided By Bayan:

  • Sales Training
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Small Business Ownership

Without prior experience, Bayan’s mastery came when she jumped into the Insurance Industry and began her work on her very first certification. Within a few short months, an endeavor that that takes some almost an entire year, she began her journey into insurance sales. In only 2 short years, she went from being brand new to the industry, to owning a successful business.

For any company to succeed, it needs a strong image and increasing sales. Bayan’s dedication and determination makes her the right choice for businesses ready to reap the benefits of her skillset.

Bayan is a proud member of Get A Klu’s Team of Consultants bringing with her a multitude of growth strategies that significantly enhance our ability to serve you!

Our Mission Is To Develop The Soft Skills That Create Strong Leaders.

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