The “Be Fearless” Series of Blog Posts targets the “fear of public speaking” but its “range” includes EVERY FEAR that prevents personal or professional growth! Thank you for reading… BE Fearless, my friends!

If you have NO FEAR of Public Speaking or NO DESIRE to get better at it in ways that advance your career, grow your business or make a larger impact on your communities, then you are NOT reading this article! OK, maybe you are afraid of something OTHER than Public Speaking and are reading to see if these tips might “also work” for whatever it is you ARE afraid of. OK, you got me there…

MiniKlu2speakerMeanwhile”, and for those of you that would claim that you ARE afraid of Public Speaking…get real…get honest…get to the CORE! What are you really afraid of? Seriously…specifically, literally…WHAT are you afraid of? Click here to email me right now EXACTLY what you are afraid of when it comes to Public Speaking and I PROMISE to email you a reply within 72 hours.

Nicewhile” I am going to tell you what I believe we are REALLY afraid of: Preparation! That’s right! I am saying that you are more afraid of preparing for your Presentation than you are of actually presenting it! If I am wrong, again, email me RIGHT NOW to correct me with what you are REALLY afraid of…I hope to learn and/or help and promise to reply no matter what!

If I am correct, however, that it is NOT THE MOMENT that you are actually “on stage” in front of an audience that you are REALLY afraid of…but, instead, it is PREPARING FOR THAT MOMENT that is something you either:

  • Will not ENJOY doing (there’s a FREE solution to this…)
  • Are not GOOD at doing (there’s an AFFORDABLE solution to this…)
  • Do not KNOW HOW TO do (there’s a SLIGHTLY LESS AFFORDABLE solution to this…)
  • Are not MOTIVATED ENOUGH to do (there is an EXPENSIVE solution to this…)
  • or, YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING (and there is a MOST EXPENSIVE solution to this…)

…then we can seriously help you!MiniKlu2speaker-sm

Be clear, however, that you really have NO BUSINESS Speaking in Public if you have NO INTEREST in:

  • Advancing your career
  • Establishing yourself as a Subject Matter Expert
  • Generating more “leads”
  • Closing more sales
  • Growing your business
  • Getting people to “vote” for you (endorse, support, like, refer, recommend, remember, refer to, etc.)
  • Influencing members of your communities (neighborhoods, schools, volunteer organizations, political/religious committees, etc.)

See? You DO have “business speaking in Public”…but perhaps you feel you are afraid of giving Presentations?

When people say, “I’m afraid of Public Speaking” WE believe that either:

a) they are not really afraid of speaking, but they are unaware of how to prepare or unwilling to do the work of preparing or

b) that if they are really afraid of speaking, a proven system of Preparation will reduce if not completely eliminate the fear!

Either way, we’re pointing to Preparation…and we believe we will make Public Speaking FEARLESS for you by helping you prepare well for any Presentation!

02042015_Jeff_Klubeck_Make_It_Easy_To_Be_Fearless_HorizontalDownload my FREE E-book: The 5th Step to Fearless Public Speaking TODAY and get “all you need” to begin to chip away at your fear of Public Speaking…trust me when I tell you that it’s REALLY just a fear of Preparation!

To Your Success…Be Fearless, my friends!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.



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