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Sales is one of my strengths but I know it’s a challenge for other coaches out there. I briefly shared in my last post that taking assessments helped me create training programs to help other coaches.  All Coaches share a passion for helping others succeed but in order to actually help others succeed, we need to ENROLL them in Coaching…meaning, we need to SELL Coaching!  But how do you sell Coaching?

One of the main things that coaches need to understand is that coaching is not an impulse purchase at the register like a candy bar or pack of gum.  Coaching is a major life decision that takes time and patience to sell. This means that when creating your sales funnel, and marketing material, it’s important to understand how to build long lasting relationships. I personally do this with my 2 complimentary coaching sessions.  Teaching other coaches how to deliver 2 Comp Sessions that are so compelling, prospects enroll themselves into Coaching…literally they are the one that initiates the enrollment conversation…if you do it the way that I teach it!

Some people may think I’m crazy and ask, “Why are you helping your competition Jeff?”.  This question represents fear and a mindset of scarcity.  Reality is that there are enough prospects and coaching clients out there for everyone. There is no need to feel threatened by others in your industry. Creating partnerships and referral programs with other coaches will give you much better results.

I’d like to boldly promise any coaches out there who are struggling with sales OR people that want to begin building a book of Coaching business, that you are only 5-10 hours with Klubeck away from learning how to start selling coaching, and getting clients.  If you’d like to learn more, send me an email: and you’ll be on your way to selling more coaching programs very soon.

If you are interested in my complete Coaches Training, go ahead and book an appointment with me to discuss it further!