Does anyone else feel like 2016 is flying by? January is already history! As you know, in January I focused a lot on teaching you about SMAART Goal Setting. I even made a video series about goal setting. This month, you will hear me mention assessments quite a bit. Using assessments plays a big role in understanding how you set and process goals. I already shared how in general,?behavioral assessments will help you succeed. Now I’d like to share 12 ways I use the DISC Assessment specifically to help businesses, organizations and individual leaders:DISC Assessments for Get A Klu

  1. Change Management ? DISC teaches behaviors for transforming resistance into receptivity.
  2. Coaching ? DISC to helps others reach their real potential consistently!
  3. Conflict Resolution ? DISC magically dissipates tension & mistrust!
  4. Customer Service ? Use the DISC to show how one can determine how to exceed expectations.
  5. Hiring ? Learn how to train others to use the DISC to find the right fit the first time around!
  6. Leadership Programs ? You?ll be amazed how you can truly empower yourself using this tool!
  7. Management Skills ? Show your Managers how to easily motivate their staff!
  8. Mentoring ? Discover how to exponentially propel your fast trackers with success!
  9. Sales Training ? You?ll be able to even show your Sales Managers how to increase their sales!
  10. Team Building ? Learn how to masterfully transform a dysfunctional team with the DISC!
  11. Productive Meetings ? Plan meetings with styles in mind to ensure best outcomes.
  12. Career Matching ? Match your employees? natural strengths with the best possible job fit.

Online Office Hours Home PageMy next blog will discuss another powerful Assessment (Motivators!). ?If you’re new to assessments and want to learn more, ?I highly recommend joining my Online Office Hours program (OOH) for just $27 per month/session. Each month, I focus on a new topic. This month I?m focusing on Assessments! Join me LIVE on Wednesday February 24th at 2:00 p.m. PST OR wait for me to record the session and access it right inside the online platform…PLUS you can watch archived sessions as well. ?To learn more about OOHs or to join, go ahead and SIGN UP HERE!

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