Smart Phone Apps for Success- Get A Klu

Apps are awesome, let’s face it! ?Lately, I’ve been sharing?my favorite tools and resources with you and I’ve been enjoying that so much that I have decided to create a new blog series called “Klu’s Briefs” where I will continue to share my tools for success and welcome your input on new resources I should check out too. ?Today’s blog focuses on smartphone apps.

Again, let’s face it, our “devices” are?glued to our hands all day and night. ?In today’s day and age, your smartphone or tablet can do virtually anything. ?I view my smartphone as a digital swiss army knife that can help me succeed in so many ways. Here are some apps that are absolutely essential for me as a business owner and coach:

Zoom- The Zoom app keeps me connected! I usually use Zoom?on the computer, but when I’m on the go and don’t have my laptop, Zoom?makes it possible to still have?video conference calls clients, ?record sessions and review previous meetings. Zoom is my go-to tool for conferencing both in the office and on the go.

Dropbox LogoDropbox-?As someone who is always working on the go whether it’s at a client’s location, the class I’m teaching in, or during meetings like at my Power Breakfast, Dropbox is a lifesaver. I don’t have to worry about saving documents, transferring documents or how I will access documents because I can access everything in one place. This is another tool that I can access on the computer, but having the app makes a big difference since I don’t always have my computer.

PayPal– The PayPal app allows me to make and accept payments on the spot with my phone. No more needing to wait for checks to arrive in the mail wonder if a payment was sent. ?I really love being prompt with my payments…people always appreciated not having to track you down for money you ow them. ?Because my PayPal account is linked to my business, I find it more reliable for auto-payments than my traditional bank debit or credit cards that seemed to get replaced “for security purposes” all to frequently. ?PayPal is stable, consistent and certainly “mobile!”

LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn- Having the LinkedIn app on my phone allows me to connect with people immediately. If I’m at a conference watching a panel of people speak, I can immediately look up each person on LinkedIn to have a better understand of their background and experience beyond their short bio in the program. I can also connect with a new contact immediately rather than risk having their business card get added to a pile of others. If we’re connected on LinkedIn, you may notice that I post consistently. Having the app allows me to keep up with my posts, reply to comments and messages much more efficiently than when I was only logging in maybe once a week at the most on my computer. By the way, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn

What are some critical apps on your smartphone? One of the benefits of sharing my top picks for things is that I get to learn about your favorite tools too. Let me know in the comments if there are any apps you?recommend and why.

Klu’s Briefs is a series?where I share my recommended tools for success in coaching, business and life. I welcome your input on new resources?you recommend that I?check out too. I view this as an opportunity for everyone to?learn and collaborate.??