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This month, my topic of focus is breakthroughs. There are many tools that I personally have to help me reach my own breakthroughs. I recently shared my favorite books with you?and today I’d like to share my favorite blogs.
As you know, I personally have a goal to read at least 12 books this year. I actually used to read more books, but in today’s world, where information is abundant and learning can happen anywhere and at any time, I have discovered many other opportunities to read all over the web. Nothing will replace a hard copy of a book for me. But there are blogs that?allow me to quickly learn more about topics?that are important to me. In fact, many of the blogs I read go hand in hand with actual books. Authors are able to provide us with even more insight and knowledge on topics written about in their books. With that said here are the blogs I enjoy reading and a word that describes each one.
  • Get A Klu- Favorite BlogsProductivity: David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done was one the books I recommended for success. He provides even more insight, new tips and tricks on the?Getting Things Done Blog. I love getting reminded of tips in his book, as well as learning new resources for how to make my life more efficient.
  • Wellness: The Daily Groove by?Scott Noelle is a great resource to learn about healthy parenting, having and positive mindset. I get my daily dose of inspiration from them every morning in my inbox. You can sign up for The Daily Groove, here.
  • Marketing: The Digital Marketer Blog by Ryan Deiss ?motivates me to keep up with my own marketing As a business owner, I’ve come to learn how important marketing is to my business. Since?marketing efforts have increased with the use of social media and other digital tools, I have definitely noticed an increase in my business. Getting a new client isn’t directly related to a Tweet I post, but by posting consistent Tweets, blogs and Facebook updates, I am actively building a digital community of people who will seek me out in time of need.
  • Success:?Brian Tracy has a success blog that discusses success in many areas of life including personal, business, sales, and leadership. Brian is another author I admire, so I’m glad I can keep up with his writing on his blog.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Please share them in the comments, I am always open to new resources. I love learning and sharing what I learn with my clients, colleagues and friends.

Klu’s Briefs is a series?where I share my recommended tools for success in coaching, business and life. I welcome your input on new resources?you recommend that I?check out too. I view this as an opportunity for everyone to?learn and collaborate.?

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