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During my visit to London for the 2012 Summer Games I got inspired for a blog series. In the London Underground, “Mind the Gap” is the constant warning to “see and beware” of the space between the platform and the train door?literally a matter of life and death! Boarding my blog, however, this same phrase is a plea to consider the “valuable difference” between words or concepts that otherwise appear quite similar a difference that I am hoping leads us to decisions or behavior that empowers self and others!

What IS the difference, for example, between Anxious and Nervous? ?Anxious-Girl

When I mind the gap between anxious and nervous? I see terms like confidence, suspicion, eagerness, avoidance, preparation and sabotage; see the pattern of dichotomy?

There are two main definitions of “anxious” and the first of which is very much aligned with “nervous”, “worry” and particularly marked with unease?it is clearly a focus on something we DON’T WANT. ?The second definition, however, focuses on what we DO WANT! When we are ?anxious? to do something, we are eager, confident and to some degree more/better prepared for that event or experience. In turn, nervous is the condition that breads suspicion, avoidance and ultimately degrees of sabotage to the event or experience.

In Life and Business, we are constantly faced with situations that are problems if we are Nervous but opportunities if we are Anxious two sides of the same coin, really but for the actions or experiences that will lead to your growth, what is it that determines which one will you de-side nervous or anxious? The ?nervous person anticipates and seeks to avoid their PAIN and is uncomfortable/unwilling to be vulnerable while the anxious person anticipates and seeks to further their growth completely willing to be vulnerable.

So, Mind the Gap: Nervous is born of Fear and Anxious is born of Love!! The difference is HUGE isn’t it?keep-calm-and-be-confident-6

Well, the consequences can be even bigger! When love (the willingness to be vulnerable in exchange for growth) has the larger influence on your decision making than fear (the unwillingness to be vulnerable), you are much more likely to stand out, get ahead, take risks, learn more quickly and further the actions that lead to your successes. And, it works the other way with Fear.anxious

Get A Klu believes that there are two kinds of pain: Legitimate and Illegitimate! Legit pain leads to our Growth its the pain of learning, making mistakes, taking risks, having to re-do things, experiencing loss, uncertainty and set-backs all of the pain associated with taking action towards goals and dreams. The other kind of pain is the Illegitimate pain that PREVENTS our Growth its the pain of regret, remorse, hopelessness, self-pity, inadequacy, dread, worry, and persecution all of which is associated with having goals and dreams but doing NOTHING about them!

coaching07Coaching is an amazing resource to help successful people embrace potential growing pains to get ANXIOUS about the work it will take to grow to renew an eagerness and confidence to prepare for the action/risk- taking that will lead to your personal and professional growth!

When you think about getting to the next level in Life, Career or Business do you get Nervous or Anxious? Consider discussing your goals and dreams with a Get A Klu Certified Coach! The 1st Two Sessions are on us!

To Your Success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.

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