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MIND THE GAP!!!! What IS the difference, for example, between a Resolution and a Goal?

I’d like to revisit my original Goals vs Resolutions Mind The Gap post because I have some updates! We’re nearing the end of the first month of 2016, and that means that many of you have already broken your resolutions. In fact, research proves that 88% of resolutions are broken within 30 days. Goals, however, have a much higher percentage of being achieved, as long as you have the right tools.

Let’s take a look at the difference.

Get A Klu ResolutionsResolutions are usually very easily set and JUST AS EASILY given up on. Many times they involve you withholding something in your life that you enjoy. They also don’t have a specific measurable description. They are assumed that we must keep the resolution for the entire year, which is a very long period to do something, especially without any accountability. Examples:

  • I will give up alcohol
  • I will stop eating dessert
  • I won’t play video games

Goals, however, are difficult to set because they have the quality of accountability that is missing in resolutions. A properly set goal includes a specific and measurable description of WHAT is to be ACHIEVED and BY WHEN! Sounds simple, but in reality there are 5 main reasons we fail to achieve goals, including fear of failure, scrutiny from others, and ignorance on the importance of effective goal setting! Research shows that, despite our knowing that ALL high-achieving people do it, only 3% of our population will set and write down goals. Yet EVERYONE seems to freely set Resolutions…and I’d bet 97% of all resolutions set get broken…

Don’t get me wrong, setting Resolutions is valuable and KEEPING TO THEM is possible, but doing so involves a lot of self discipline and will power. For example, I’m proud to say that I kept one of my 2015 resolutions and didn’t eat ice cream all year…but it wasn’t easy! Ice cream was presented to me many times, especially with 3 kids who have a lot of birthday parties and social activities to attend

Here’s a video taken by Abigail (on our 1st daddy-daughter date of 2016) of my first taste of ice cream in over a year. This year’s resolutions include a re-commitment to NO Ice-Cream…I am also adding SODA to the list of no-no’s…additionally I am resolved to drink 5 gallons of water every week…limiting alcohol consumption to no more than 2 occasions per week). All of those are Resolutions…but if I am good about keeping them, I will achieve my GOAL of losing 20 pounds by April 1st. I will check in next year and let you know how I do. But do you see the difference between Resolutions and Goals?

Jeff Klubeck New Year's Resolution- No Ice Cream

Personally, I still set resolutions because they focus on behavioral change…and all goal achievement is predicated on changing behaviors. Whether you set goals, resolutions or both, I wish you much success in both for 2016, but always remember to mind the gap!

During my visit to London for the 2012 Summer Games I got inspired for a blog series. In the London Underground, “Mind the Gap” is the constant warning to see and beware of the space between the platform and the train door literally a matter of life and death! Boarding my blog, however, is a 2-minute focus on the valuable difference between words or concepts that, without much thought, are used interchangeably.