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OOHs (Online Office Hours) for April are here! You know the deal, OOHs is a “public” coaching session I host and record in a virtual classroom. You can join my monthly sessions IN REAL TIME and get specific coaching questions answered or review recordings 24/7 at your leisure. Participants get “first come, first served” coaching. If there are no questions/participants, then I “default” to covering my “go to” coaching content/strategies for an area of personal/professional growth. This month I’m talking time management. This topic is one that I love because there is so much to learn! Also “I don’t have time?” is the #1 lie people tell! After this session you won’t have to tell this lie anymore

Here’s just a taste of what I’ll cover during the session:

  • Time manages itself, so why do we call it time management? Hear my take on this and it may change the way you prioritize your day for the better!
  • How to use your goal setting skills to manage your time more wisely and why I believe goal setting is the number 1 strategy for effective time management.
  • Have you ever been to a meeting and left thinking, wow that was a waste of time, or that meeting could have been an email! Well I will discuss effective meeting strategies that will make your meetings much more valuable.
I go LIVE on Wednesday April 27th at 2:00pm PSTCLICK HERE to Register
More good news is that there are two other sessions already recorded in the classroom (Goal Setting and “Personality Tests”).  Registering for the course gets you access to LIVE AND RECORDED sessions!  I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday for another OOHs session!
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