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Talking about Breakthroughs! ?In January, I launched my Online Office Hours program (OOHs). OOHs is a ?public? coaching session I host and record in a virtual classroom. You can join my monthly sessions IN REAL TIME and get specific coaching questions answered or review recordings 24/7 at your leisure. ?Currently, the program is severely discounted to just $27! ?Read the full details about the benefits of joining OOHs, HERE.

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Last month my featured topic was Behavioral Assessments. This month I?m talking about Breakthroughs! If you’re reading this and you’re already a client, then you know what it’s like to work with me to get to that next level. Join the OOHs for some extra motivation. Why am I talking about breakthroughs you ask?

Have?you ever thought to yourself ?Why haven?t I had the breakthrough moment in my business where I really GET CLEAR on what I want and what has been holding me back?? OR, ?When is my hard work finally going to pay off?? OR ?How do I get to the A-HA moment?? Perhaps at the same time you?re asking yourself these questions, you even watch other people have breakthroughs, yet you?just can?t figure it out yourself. You are probably wondering what the secret is, or what they?re doing differently. If this sounds like you, then my OOHs on breakthroughs is definitely for you!

Here?s what you?ll learn in this month’s session:

  • I will share with you the anatomy of my complimentary coaching sessions and how they can lead to major breakthroughs in your life and business.
  • How I build rapport that creates the context for honesty and coach-ability.
  • How I “diagnose” to find out what someone REALY wants…REALLY needs AND…what is REALLY holding them back!
  • How I teach SMAART Goal Setting within the 1st Complimentary Session
  • What is PREDICTABLE about helping people KNOW what they want and need!
  • ANYTHING YOU WANT! ?Again, if you have challenges in your life or business and want to get some coaching on them, then just ask away and I will stop what I am doing to give you the answers (and maybe even the BREAKTHROUGH) you need!

My live OOHs session on breakthroughs takes place on Wednesday?April 6?at 2:00 pm PST (Note the new date, it was previously March 30th), mark your calendar! While I will always have a topic to cover, live participants can ask me any business related questions. I even recommend taking advantage of having me be your ?coach? in OOHs by making a list of questions before the session.

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