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How to Inspire the Leaders Around You

How to Inspire the Leaders Around You

$ 997.00

A one-time investment that will last a LIFETIME!  

When you learn how to Increase accountability for yourself and others, you are GUARANTEED greater results in your life AND career/business!  

If your SUCCESS is based on improving the performance of “self and others”, this course is for YOU!  

Learn how to:

  • Play the Integrity Game
  • Turn the Screw of Accountability
  • Author a Leader’s State of Mind
  • Apply the Tools of Confrontation
  • Structure Agendas for Coaching and Mentoring Sessions
  • Increase Productivity for “Self and Others”

Learn how to hold yourself and others accountable like a professional coach! All registered learners receive TWO Private Mentoring Sessions with Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.



In this six-part course Get A Klu, Inc. Founder, Jeffrey Klubeck breaks down the anatomy of being a great coach and leader through written, video, and audio lessons.  During each lesson you will sharpen your skills by exploring structured quizzes, recommended readings, and helpful exercises. This course provides tools for dealing with confrontation for you, your teams and your clients, and provides insight for running your own coaching business. By the end of this course you will understand how increasing accountability for yourself and others can be the basis for creating amazing results in your personal and professional life.

Learn how to:

  • Coach through accountability
  • Develop leadership skills in the people around you
  • Build integrity in yourself and others
  • Increase discipline and productivity
  • Develop your coaching and mentoring identity
  • Apply the tools of confrontation
  • Be more than a great leader

All registered learners will also receive 2 private mentoring sessions with Jeff Klubeck, M.A. to hone in on your coaching needs and style.

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