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In January, I launched my Online Office Hours program (OOHs).?OOHs is?a ?group? coaching session I host and record in a virtual classroom. You can join my?monthly sessions IN REAL TIME and get specific coaching questions answered?or?review recordings 24/7 at your leisure. Read the full details about the benefits of joining OOHs, HERE.

DISC Assessments for Get A KluLast month my featured topic was goal setting. This month I’m talking about assessments and I want to get a head start on inviting you to sign up so you have plenty of time to prepare and perhaps take some of my assessments beforehand. I’ve already shared details about the 2 assessments I focus on, DISC and Online Motivators. Now let’s take action with this info! Here are a few things you will learn in this month’s OOHs.

  • You will get a clear understanding on how to be the most productive based on your assessment results.
  • I will give you clear takeaways on becoming a better leader based on your?assessment results.
  • You will learn how understanding?your staff’s assessment results will help your entire team’s productivity.

After first taking my own DISC and Motivators assessments years ago. I discovered that I had an ideal behavioral style for sales. Sales is one of the biggest?challenges for many, but it comes naturally to me because the combination of my Motivators and DISC profiles. I used this knowledge to help build a successful Coaching Practice during the worst economy since the Great Depression. ?And,?now I have programs where I train other coaches how to “sell” coaching and get more clients (make a greater impact!). If it weren’t for assessments, I?may never have known myself in a way that has empowered me to train others.

Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to reaching their potential that “show up” in the Assessment Reports! ? If you have already completed a set of Assessments and done a debrief with me, you will still get value from attending the session. ?For those of you that have never gotten your Assessments done and analyzed for you then you definitely want to attend this month’s OOH’s!

My live OOHs session on assessments takes place on Wednesday Feb 24 at 2:00 pm PST, mark your calendar!?While I will always have a topic to cover, live participants can ask me any business related questions. I even recommend taking advantage of having me be your ?coach? in OOHs by making a list of questions before the session.

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