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Customized public speaking engagements

We offer an array of services in the public speaking arena to develop and maintain the ability to captivate your audience, no matter the size. Get A Klu can also develop and execute a professional presentation that will meet your exact needs. You provide the content, and we will provide the speaker, and make sure your public speaking engagement is a success! Or choose from our arsenal of great speaking topics to motivate your crowd.

If you are like most professionals, you wish to improve your professional opportunities through public speaking. Others just know that you are going to have to make presentations in front of small and large groups in order to advance your career. Either way, Get A Klu, Inc. can help you.

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Private Instructional Programs

Becoming a student of Get A Klu gives you a lifetime of support for your public speaking instruction and execution. Through Get A Klu’s Private/Custom Instructional Programs for Professionals, you will learn:

  • How to actually fear Death MORE than Public Speaking!
  • Steps and Secrets to eliminating any and all fears of speaking to small and large groups!
  • How to BE (not just “seem”) Conversational and avoid being robotic during any speech!
  • How to analyze your audience in order to target your message to the bulls-eye!
  • The Power of nonverbal (non-linguistic) communication and techniques to ensure your body isn’t saying one thing while your mouth says another!
  • How to think critically and organize critical thoughts into your speeches.
  • How to understand language BEYOND the first words that come to mind and TO the words that work for the minds of your audience!
  • How to maximize the ingredients of Persuasion to motivate your audience into Action!
  • How to close from the front of the room OR back of the room.
  • How to utilize Public Speaking to create more leads for your business than you can currently handle!
  • How to set appointments for yourself through Public Speaking!
  • How to network your way to unlimited referrals through Public Speaking!
  • And so much more!


With your busy schedule, who has time or energy to truly develop their public speaking skills? You strive to be the most effective speaker you can be, yet you find the process daunting or scary or overwhelming? You know you need help, but are just not sure where to look for it and you definitely do not have the time to attend a course on public speaking. Maybe you have the time, but have found that public speaking clubs and organizations may not regularly meet at times that are convenient for you.

* Get A Klu produces a Syllabus and Resource Packet to help guide you through the process of learning the art of public speaking. Get A Klu also places dissected and digitized versions of the packet onto a CD-ROM with accompanying audios for all learning modules. These materials are adapted for the specific course of study outlined by Coach/Client for the Private Instruction/Home Study versions of Public Speaking Education offered by Get A Klu.

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Hire A Speaker

Whatever your need may be for a professional public speaker, Get A Klu can quickly master your content and perform credible and effective delivery to your audience OR you can choose from a set of topics that are central to Get A Klu’s core competencies, including but not limited to:

  • Beneath the Hood: Learning Core Behavioral Styles and Motivators!
  • Challenge Assumptions: Overcoming Barriers to Critical Thinking!
  • To Hear without Listening or Listen without Hearing: Why THAT is the question!
  • The Time of Your Life: Clocking in to Emotional Survival Needs!
  • Goal Setting: Methodologies for Achievers!
  • The 30-Hour Day: Synergistic Action Management!
  • Reduce Cost Per Hire: Strategic Staffing and Retention!
  • Effective Persuasion: How to motivate yourself or others into ACTION!
  • Private Coaching: Revolutionary Results!
  • The Perfect Weapon: Strategic Meeting Planning and Execution!
  • How to Fear Death more than Public Speaking!
  • Do you need a guest speaker for your event?
  • How about a spokesperson for a press release or press conference?
  • Know anyone looking for a host/emcee for a gala or fund-raiser?
  • Do you need someone that will capture the room, get ’em laughing, be informative or even persuasive?
  • Do you have a group of managers or workers that need motivation or training?
  • Maybe you are affiliated with a charitable organization whose constituents are in need of some education or inspiration?

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