Strategic Staffing With Jolene McDonough

Set Up:

  1. Assist client in determining administrative needs and costs.  Provide analysis and potential solutions together with projected costs associated with solutions.
  2. Create position description and determine skills and attributes required.
  3. Assessment Package for Hiring Manager (DISC/PIAV and Kolbe plus debrief sessions!)
  4. If necessary, Assist client in creating the employee file system and setting up payroll with desired company (ADP, Paychex, etc.)


  • Coaching of new hire for up to 3 months in creating systems that would support the agent’s growth
  • Assessment package for incumbent (Inez) with debrief Kolbe plus debrief (with Jeff and/or Jolene or both)


  1. Completely handle OR assist Client with:
    1. Recruiting (client to cover any relevant/approved advertising expenses)
    2. Screening and Interviewing (from the emailed resume to the on-site interview)
    3. Assessment Package for New Hire (DISC/PIAV and Kolbe plus debrief sessions!)
  2. Assist (only) Client with:
    1. Selection (consulting hiring manager/owner on “best fit” among qualified candidates)
    2. On-boarding (new-hire documentation and orientation)

Take Aways (What Client ‘Gets’):

  • Guarantee:  Get A Klu “guarantees” successful placement for up to 45 days (will replace new hire at no cost should new hire not last 45 days).  Get A Klu also “guarantees” the prices quoted for your project will be “not to exceed” pricing and may end up being less if total hours invested in project is less than projected.
  • Master Employee File:  Never have to “reinvent the wheel” again…everything learned in the process of hiring one employee can be used over and over and over again for the life of the business…and only “tweaked” (vs. built from scratch) for hiring of new and different employees in the future!!
  • Processess/Systems: Are the processes/systems supporting you, the hiring manager/business owner, in doing what you do best?  From defining the position to coaching performance management of the successful hire, we will identify areas for improvement in the systems promoting:  workflow management, team communication, succession planning, skill gaps, and employee engagement!
  • Coaching/Training: Support vs. abandonment! One or more Get A Klu Certified Coaches working with New Hire and Client for three months to implement, customize and master the workflow efficiencies that will grow the business!
  • To Do What Client Does Best: Most of this happens while you are working on your OWN duties and accountabilities! Even more so once the new hire is in place! Until then, WE are handling most of the tasks…only requiring your input/time for final interviewing, “on-boarding” and Coaching/Training sessions as needed.
  • Peace Of Mind: You’ve been afraid to make a bad hire, convinced you don’t have time to make a good hire, and all the while DROWNING in work that YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING…isn’t it time for some peace of mind!?

Project Investment Summary: Rates and Fees Customized for your Project/Needs
Payment Option Summary: Discounted Upfront or “Financed” Installment Payments Available

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