Retire from Classroom Teaching? It’s Time!

Retire from Classroom Teaching?  It’s Time!
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I thought I would NEVER retire from Teaching!  But after 20 consecutive years of teaching College-level Courses in Public Speaking, Argumentation and Group Communication, I’m hanging up my “Adjunct Professor” hat to retire from the Classroom.

You may be asking “Why is Professor Klubeck going to Retire?”  Well, it really took something as wonderful as tGet A Klu in Sydney Australiahe “International Coach/Trainer/Speaker” hat to get me out of the Classroom.  Since last September one of my favorite clients, JT Foxx and his Top 1% Coaching Organization, has  been giving me assignments ALL OVER THE United States, Europe and Down Under (Including multiple trips to Australia).  So, I guess there reaDream Team Sydney Retirelly is no end in sight to my “teaching” but it IS time for me to Retire from the Classroom!

Now, instead of “adult learners” looking to finish their AA degrees to transfer to a 4-year institution, I am teaching the world’s most driven Entrepreneurs and Global Speakers.  I still maintain a healthy Coaching and Training Calendar with self-generated clients…and I am proud to say that after 10 years in business, Get A Klu has grown into a 6 figure Coaching Practice.  My “brand” has grown like a hockey stick due the the global exposure I have been getting from the JT Foxx Assignments.  And, it just doesn’t make (dollars OR ) sense to continue Classroom Teaching.

Believe me when I say the decision to retire from the Classroom didn’t come easy for me, but if you have been following along with me on social media, you may have noticed that I’m traveling quite a bit.  My coaching and speaking career is now consistently international which has limited my time at home.  And, the amount of classroom time I am missing has become unfair to the Students who miss “the real me” (they watch videos of my lectures for classes that I miss due to travel) and also the administrators that have to “account” for my absences.  It just doesn’t make sense anymore.  Education at every level has a lot of problems to contend with and let’s just say that Adjunct Compensation is one of them.  And, 20 years is a nice round number to make the coping a little easier for me.  I honestly thought I would NEVER retire from teaching College Classes.  I was wrong.
Jeff Klubeck Speaking at SDSUAccountability, Coach Jeffrey, JT Foxx, Speaker
For those of you who know me, you know that I won’t go out without a big bang!  I have an intern currently planning a HUGE RETIREMENT PARTY and I am brainstorming a way to celebrate with as many former students as possible, while also inviting my current sphere of friends, family and professional colleagues.

I am thinking of a date sometime in August 2017 for a 3-phased blowout retirement party at The University Club... here’s what I’m thinking:

  • 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.– We’ll start off the day with Mastermind-style event for 10-20 of Get A Klu’s best VIP Clients.
  • 4pm-6pm- The Klubrication Happy Hour- You haven’t done happy hour unless you have done it Klubeck style. Retire Party Mastermind Get A KluWe’ll enjoy drinks and appetizers on the 34th floor at the University Club Atop Symphony Towers with great views and even better conversation.
  • 6pm-9:00 p.m.– A more classic cocktail party with Drinks, Dancing, Speeches/Roasting and a Keynote by Jeff Klubeck
    Retire Party University Club Get A Klu
    You can join in for the entire day or drop in when you please. The important part is that I celebrate this milestone in my career with important people in my life.  That means YOU!If you are interested in being a Speaker, Mastermind Participant/Panelist, or a Sponsor for the “Professor Klubeck Retirement Party, please send an email to “” with the subject:  Retire to Reach Higher!
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