Get A Klu in Perth Australia

It?s been a while since I have written a blog post so I?m excited to share an update as I recently returned from a Coaching?trip to Australia…all thanks to concept of “white labels!”

Get A Klu in AustraliaPart of having a winning strategy is being able to use ?White Labels? for your business services. If you didn’t know, “white labels” refer to offering my services to partnering organizations I am contracted with. ?So, in addition to my own “self-generated” clients for Get A Klu, Inc. I also have contracts with great organizations that bring wonderful assignments my way. ?From Wolf Management Consultants to Workplace Training Network to the “source” of my recent trip to Australia: ?My Coaching Organization (owned by JT Foxx).

These contracts I have with partnering organizations put ??white labels? over the name Get A Klu, Inc., so my business name isn?t promoted and I?m marketed as?someone on their team, known as ?Coach Jeffrey? or the “Ambassador of Assessments” or “Jeff the Trainer” and so forth.

White label opportunities are expanding?my ability to deliver and serve. It?s not all about me or the Get A Klu brand…it?s about the work that I?m doing and the people I?m helping….and I worked with some great people in Australia!

It?s common knowledge that nobody succeeds alone, at least very rarely does someone rise to the top with no help whatsoever. Usually if you?re successful it?s because someone helped you along the way. ?So why not create?partnerships with others and make helping others/getting help part of your business success strategy? You have already proven that you?re more successful with the help of others. White labels are just a way to monetize the partnerships we create.

White Label Concept Tags

“Coach Jeffrey” is exactly how I was referred to in Australia. JT Foxx’s “My Coaching Organization” sent me there to conduct 5 full days of?one-on-one trainings for 3 of their VIP’s . ?All I had to do was hop on the plane and prep for my own coaching sessions.?They got me a 1 bedroom apartment for a week in Perth Australia and the “students” came to me…we did our work in the apartment and it was full immersion into Speaking and Coaching training.

Even with White Labels, ?I?m providing the same services that I do for my own clients, and I?m giving just as much value doing what I?m good at. ?I have the humility to not need my company name behind the work. ?Its about the service I provide…and, who would turn down being paid $1000’s of dollars to take an all expenses paid trip (plus a per diem) to Australia…to help people grown their Speaking and Coaching businesses? ?The hardest “work” of the trip was planes and airports…but as you can imagine, talking to people and helping them with strategy, motivation, accountability and transformation comes very easy to me now.

I know I worked hard…I know I made a difference…but Coaching and Training comes so naturally to me know that this White Labels trip to Australia “felt” like being gifted a bucket list experience?away from my own hustle and bustle or Teaching Classes, running Get A Klu and supporting my wife’s corporate career by handling all parenting duties during her 50%?travel schedule.

Most of my time there was spent working, but I did get a little down time to explore Australia. Check out my photos below for a glimpse of my trip. Most of my time was spent in Perth. Some of my favorite moments include tasting kangaroo for the very first time, enjoying the famous wine cruise to Swan River Valley and just people watching while walking around the downtown area my apartment was conveniently located in.

White Labels Jeff Get A Klu Eating Kangaroo

Swan River Valley Perth Wine Cruise

White Labels Commonwealth Australia with Get A Klu

White Labels Get A Klu in Perth
The bottom line is that nobody succeeds alone. Align yourself with other leaders in your industry, find out what services they offer and see where you can help fill in the gaps. Creating white label offerings can be challenging, but at the same time very rewarding.

If you?d like assistance learning about how you can win with white labels, talk to me by signing up?for my?2 free consultations.

To Your Success!
Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.