If you follow my blog posts or social media updates, you have most likely heard me mention my 2 complimentary coaching sessions. People are often surprised to hear that I do this and may question my strategy. I often hear things like, “How can you afford to give away 2 sessions?”, “Won’t people just take the 2 free sessions and run?” I love getting these questions because it gives me a chance to share my progress as a business coach and how I came up with this program in the first place.

When I started training to be a coach in 2007, my goal was to close leads I was given from the higher ups. In training, we were taught to conduct a “complimentary session” and be able to “enroll anyone in Coaching inside of 45 minutes.”  I say “complimentary session” in quotes because it wasn’t a coaching session, only.  Much of the script/time was dedicated to SELL Coaching. It was a challenge for me to do this because I did not feel like I gave the person enough value or enough of an experience of what Coaching is REALLY like for them to “buy” Coaching inside of 45 minutes…well, 30 IF I left 15 for the “sales” part of it.   Yes, even though my assessments prove I excel at sales, the strategy did not work for me and I was not an effective seller when following a formula I did not fully believe in.

Never mind the fact that I put “my money where my mouth is” and created my OWN Coaches Training ProgramComplimentary Sessions Get A Klu Coaches Training Workbook…and MY program teaches exactly how I conduct 2 Comp Sessions in a way that built my coaching business to what it is today…nevermind that…

…the problem THEN was that I got the “you did WHAT!?????” when I told Mary Ann that I enrolled in a Coaches Training Program and I was facing epic failure and potentially divorce if I didn’t figure out how to MAKE A LIVING as a Coach!  Let’s just say that I knew I wanted to come up with a more effective way to get paying Coaching Clients!

For many reasons in addition to “necessity”, I soon figured out that offering 2 complimentary sessions was my answer!  Here are three main reasons why!

  1. Little Pink Spoons!– My complimentary coaching sessions are set to give you the ACTUAL experience of what Coaching with Get A Klu will really be like.  And, honestly, one session alone would never be able to do that because Accountability is such a HUGE % of what people are really paying for when they “buy” coaching.  Baskin Robins doesn’t ask for your credit card when they give you the little pink spoon…they wait to let you taste it, fully, and they wait some more in case you need to taste anything else for comparison.  They know that if you feel FREE to taste and to FULLY taste, that you are more likely to buy….and buy willingly (vs. being pressured).  The key, however, is that if you don’t commit to something in one session that you are then held accountable for in the next session, how will you ever “taste” what Accountability really feels like…how it will be delivered…if it will work, etc.?
  2. Avoid Commission Breath!-People are not stupid…but, no matter how stupid they are, they are always smart enough to know “the pitch is coming”…especially if there is only ONE “Comp Session”…the pitch HAS to be coming during that session, no?  Yes!  So, by offering TWO free sessions, people know that the first one is TRULY FREE…and it is TRULY coaching instead of a veiled sales pitch.  Honestly, who on earth doesn’t know that the “complimentary consultation” or “free sample” is not part of the sales process?  But with 2 Comp Sessions, you KNOW the first one is free if there is also a second one.  Imagine that feeling of having your guard up just WAITING for the sales pitch/pressure to come.  Well, you know that won’t happen in the first session (90 minutes) if there is a second free session.  I get to joke around and say things like, “you only get the second one if you LIKE the first one!”  No one can “receive” free coaching if their guard is UP waiting for the sales pitch…2 comp sessions “lowers the guard” and allowed for TRUE coaching to be delivered/sampled (again, see #1 above).
  3. Never Nervous When I’m in SERVICE!- I believe in service…in selflessly helping others…AND, as Zig Ziglar taught us, that “everything I want will come to me if I remain committed to helping others get what they want!”  So, I am NEVER worried about “giving my time away”, nor will I EVER deny someone 2 Comp Sessions just because they may not be able to afford to hire me.  Without judgement and needing NOTHING in return, I approach every single complimentary coaching session with everything I’ve got.  There have been times where 1 or 2 sessions was all it took for a prospect to realize the next steps to take…where 2 comp sessions was ALL they needed even if they COULD afford to hire me.  And, of course, there are times when someone doesn’t hire me  because they feel they cannot afford it.  This doesn’t matter to me because its not ABOUT me when I am coaching…it is ALL about the person getting coached.  I still do my best to make sure that after 2 sessions, the person’s life has changed. (By the way, for people who truly can’t afford my full coaching services, I now offer Online Office Hours, or OOHs as I like to call them…this is a very affordable way to get coaching from me…check it out!).  I digress…

So, If you have ever wondered what Coaching is all about…how it works…or, if it could work for you, I highly encourage you to sign up for my 2 complimentary coaching sessions. I’ll look forward to your request, and promise the experience to be life-changing in some way!  You can sign up HERE or email me directly at: info@getaklu.net.