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If it seems like I’ve been writing a lot about winning lately?it’s because I have! I recently talked about how to win by being a guest speaker in my speech class. Today, my winning strategy is being able “White Label”?your business services. I’m fortunate that some of my most recent successes are related to my services being white labeled, which is part of what inspired me to share this blog today.?These opportunities are expanding?my ability to deliver and serve. It?s not all about me, it?s about the work that I?m doing and the people I?m helping.

It’s common knowledge that nobody succeeds alone, at least very rarely does someone rise to the top with no help whatsoever. Usually if you?re successful it?s because someone helped you along the way. ?So why not create?partnerships with others and make helping others/getting help part of your business success strategy? You have already proven that you’re more successful with the help of others. White labeling is just a way to monetize the partnerships we create.

Get A Klu is Winning With White LabelYou may still be wondering, what exactly does white label mean? ?Let me give you an example directly from my business. As you all know, I run Get A Klu, Inc. Much of my business is self generated. This means that I bring in clients on my own. The money is coming in directly to my company. However, I believe in having many revenue sources, along with strategic partnerships. This is where the??White Label? comes in. It’s another revenue source where I’m partnering up with other businesses who need my services for their clients. They put a “white label” over the name Get A Klu, Inc., so my business name isn’t promoted and I’m marketed as?someone on their team, known as “Coach Jeffrey”.

While I?m providing the same services that I do for my regular clients, and I’m giving just as much value doing what I?m good at, I?m doing it for someone else?s clients. I have the humility to not need my company name behind the work. One?benefit of my white label clients is that I don?t have to deal with the marketing, customer service and sales. I show up, do my job and everything else, including the admin is taken care of.


The bottom line is that nobody succeeds alone. Align yourself with other leaders in your industry, find out what services they offer and see where you can help fill in the gaps. Creating white label offerings can be challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. If you?d like assistance learning about how you can win with white label, talk to me! Join my Power Breakfast or sign up for my 2 free consultations.

To Your Success!
Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.