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Jeffrey Klubeck’s Insights and Motivation Transform Individuals and Organizations Through Leadership Education.

Jeffrey has parlayed his Communication Degrees (BA/MA) with workplace communications expertise, practical sales, management training, and leadership experiences to become a world-class coach and consultant.

Jeffrey operates his personal and professional development company based on the principles of service, the power of education, and the tools of communication. Jeffrey adheres to a formula that applies assessment, strategy and accountability to the client’s specific goals and professional growth.

My Mission Is To Develop The Soft Skills That Make You A Strong Leader.

As a Professor of Communication, Jeffrey has also taught Public Speaking, Argumentation, Critical Thinking and Group Interaction to adult learners at the college-level for over 12 years. From his passionate commitment to teaching, literally thousands of adult learners have enhanced their critical thinking, speaking, writing and listening skills through Jeffrey’s instruction. Additionally, Jeffrey has nearly a decade of practical experience in strategic staffing as both an agency and human resources recruiter.

In addition to Jeffrey’s integrated business skills, his core expertise is world-class coaching – be it business or personal. Educated as a Professional Coach through the Trainings of JTS Advisors and an on-going commitment to professional development, Jeffrey has mastered his ability to help businesses and individuals grow using transformative, strategic problem-solving techniques as well as honest and powerful accountability effectiveness.

This knowledge enables Jeffrey to deliver training and direction in the areas of presentation skills, interpersonal communications, persuasive communications, workplace communications, sales training, strategic staffing, critical thinking, behavioral assessments, team building, leadership, goal setting, and professional speaking. Through his coaching expertise, Jeffrey can help strengthen or develop any of the above areas to yield driven, focused, and productive results.

Merging all of these experiences and skills together has allowed Jeffrey to work with leading organizations around the globe including:
As a result, Jeffrey has practical experience motivating individuals in a multitude of industries including:
    • Biotech
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Medical Device
    • Real Estate Telecommunications
    • Insurance
    • Non-Profit and Network Marketing (among others)
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“Jeffrey always adheres to a formula that applies assessment, strategy and accountability to the client’s specific, measurable and ambitious goals. Jeffrey’s experience, vision and systems combine effectively to deliver the coaching that ultimately expand companies from the ground-up and individuals from the inside-out.”

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