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Coaching. Consulting. Public speaking. Professional Writing.

Get A Klu, Inc. expands your personal and professional life by delivering world-class training and coaching. We are absolutely and completely dedicated to improving high performance results for individuals, teams, small businesses, and large companies as a whole. If you’re a professional at any level in your career, our services can benefit you.

We focus on life and business coaching, training, and public speaking workshops and assessments and professional writing services. View our services and contact us to improve your life and business today.

Our Mission Is To Develop The Soft Skills That Create Strong Leaders.

Our Services - coaching

Coaching That Benefits

Get A Klu provides life and business coaching that is founded on relationships. These interactions are based on mutual appreciation and shared commitment to the client’s results.

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We produce results through maximizing your personal and professional potential.

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We provide behavioral and values assessments through ongoing partnership.

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We help coaches with their own private life or business coaching programs.

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Consulting That Matters

Get A Klu’s executive workshop and training programs are fast paced and filled with humor, focused on workplace communication and team building that makes a difference.

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We help you in the areas of professional networking and relationship building.

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We offer the best time and task management solutions.

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We include workplace consulting for strategic staffing and team building.

Our Services - Public speaking and Communication

Public Speaking That Changes Everything

We provide custom programs to help any individual become an excellent and confident public speaker who can address an audience of any size or kind.

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Improve your public speaking skills and elevate your professional growth.

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Hire a professional speaker to work with you in developing professional presentations.

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Expand your knowledge base through private instruction and home study.

Professional Writing Services

Build your brand with the power of words


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Persuasive and convincing copy

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Convert more customers

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Build your image through the right words

Speech Writing

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Persuade with a classic structure

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Build lasting impressions

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Beat the fear of public speaking

Ghost Writing

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Books, whitepapers, blogs writing

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Become a thought leader

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Use written products to generate leads and establish credibility

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Coaching took me long to master but along the way I have developed proven results driving strategies that have helped my students push past what they believed possible. The best way to get started is with a professional mentor dedicated to help you have successful students and a profitable coaching business.

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