Meet the Team - Jolene McDonough

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Get A Klu, Inc. is proud to welcome Jolene McDonough as the Business Operations Expert on our team.

Jolene is an expert at running the backstage work needed to ensure a company’s success in any industry. A proven Operations Manager, COO and Business Owner, Jolene truly understands the importance of having solid business systems and is a valuable addition to Get A Klu both internally (watch OUR efficiency and profits SOAR) and externally (watch YOURS!). Seriously, Jolene’s skills may be implemented in the background however, the results she produces (bottom line) are ALWAYS on stage!

Our Mission Is To Develop The Soft Skills That Create Strong Leaders.

Jolene focuses on four operational cornerstones that fundamentally support sustainable growth and profits:

  • Production and Financials
  • “Human” Resources (aka The People)
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Organizational Systems and Processes

Current Services Provided By Jolene:

  • Strategic Staffing
  • Business “Systems Success”
  • Business Finance Management
  • Interim COO
  • Visionary’s Accomplis!

Jolene has truly mastered these areas as owner of Prudential California Realty where she increased revenues from $1.5 million to over $29 million per year. Jolene GREW HER OWN COMPANY from just 35 agents to well over 350 agents achieving status as one of California’s most recognized and successful Real Estate firms.

For any company to expand, systems and strategies must be in place to support growth and allow entrepreneurs and business owners to do what they do best. Jolene takes the role of running operations, whether it is a very specific aspect or general restructuring, and alters or implements systems to ensure maximum efficiency, sales, and productivity. As a result the visionary can focus 100% of their attention on strategy, rain and growth, while “The Visionary’s Accomplice” is handling all of the systems, compliance, paper and people!

Today, Jolene officially joins Get A Klu’s Team of Consultants bringing with her a host of customizable skills, services and programs that significantly enhance our ability to serve you!

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