Get A Klu Winning
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I just shared with you my morning rituals for success. These rituals play a major role in helping me kick off a productive day. Some of you may have read my rituals and felt intimidated because you aren’t a morning person, you don’t feel like you would have time to do all the things I listed or you just don’t know how to immediately start?off the day in an efficient way. Well I’m here to share how I’m able to have such productive mornings/days with a ritual I call The Daily Win email.

The Daily Win is an email that I send to myself and a Coach/Accountability Partner?that?maps out how I want my entire next day to go and I decide how I will “WIN” the day. First of all, everyone loves winning. Whether it’s a win for my son’s Little League team, or I win a humorous speech contest, winning is always fun. This is why I set myself up to win each and every day with The Daily Win.

Here’s how I set up The Daily Win. I write down a chronology of the?activities I plan on doing the?next day, and how I want to feel while doing them. ?It started off just asking myself, “what would I have to do in order to feel like I won the day”…and now its an entire mapping out of the day…here’s a sample:

Coach: ?Tomorrow is Tuesday, January 19th and I will WIN THE DAY when I:

1) ROCK the morning routine (including push-ups/sit-ups, hydration, S4, nutrition and daddy duty)
2) VISIT the post office to renew the PO Box and drop off outgoing mail
3) VISIT Miramar campus to complete TOA, COG and Mailbox errands.
4) MEET Productively with Melodie
5) EDIT the unpublished blog post for Tuesday (Year in Review + Goals and Resolutions for 2016)
6) RUN a test session to make sure power point is working on Learn it Live for Chef Works Training
7) OUTLINE an agenda for the Module #2 Training (including content, exercises/activities, and homework)
8) BEGIN workbook construction and powerpoint modifications for Module #2 Training
9) DELIVER?the online version of Module #1 Training
10) FOLLOW UP on RSVP?s for interviews with Ron/Patti and get confirmations (including Jolene).
11) ENJOY evening family time
12) RESUME (IDEALLY COMPLETE) workbook construction and powerpoint modifications for Module #2
13) CLEAR OUT email inbox and write a great Daily Win email for Tuesday!

Notice how I start each activity with an action or verb that I can physically accomplish or “WIN”. At the end of the day, I then go through the list and?”report” on how I did while writing the entry for?the next day. ?Life doesn’t always go exactly how we plan, but you’d be surprised how much of it DOES go exactly as planned IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PLAN!

I encourage you to incorporate The Daily Win strategy into your day. Here’s an easy way to start: Take a look at the items on your to-do list. Place a winning verb in front of one of the items, then notice how you feel after you complete the item. If you would like more insight on how to make sure you win your day, then I’m happy to help you with this in one of my complimentary coaching sessions. You can sign up here and we can start winning together!


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