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My marketing team has been telling me to shoot more video. My first thought was “When do I have time to do that?” And then my idea of Drive-By Coaching was born. It’s a ?fun concept I came up with to take advantage of my time spent in traffic. When I am driving after?I finish?a session, the content of the session is still top of mind…so I thought, why not lay down some?video while the ideas are still fresh?!

So, “Drive-By Coaching” is raw (unscripted and unedited) footage that I take during my drive with ideas, tips or strategies that I hope can help your life or business. I know you’re wondering “Is this safe Jeff?” Don’t worry?it is every bit as safe as if you were sitting shot-gun in the car with me and we were having a normal conversation. ?Except, its Coaching!

Drive-By Coaching videos will be posted exclusively on Facebook at least a couple times a month?and sometimes as often as?a couple times a DAY. ?Make sure to join the?Klu Yard Facebook to catch my latest video. Below are a couple links to videos I’ve already created. Click the image to see the video on Facebook.

Drive-by Coaching with Jeff Klubeck

Drive-By Coaching: Agenda Functions for Effective Meetings

My Marketing team told me to starting making horizontal videos instead of vertical, so here’s the latest Drive-by Coaching video, finally filmed horizontally!

Drive-by Coaching Parenting Tip

Drive-By Coaching Parenting Tip

If you have any topic ideas for my Drive-By Coaching videos, please leave me a comment.

To Your Success!

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A.

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1 Comment
  1. Hello Jeffrey,
    A quick note to say I enjoyed meeting and speaking on the SAN to ATL flight this week.
    I admire your video teaching technique via the take off and I would love to view a copy.
    Is a URL available?
    Sincerely, Ralph

    Ralph Lydic, Ph.D.
    Robert H. Cole Endowed Professor of Neuroscience
    Co-Director Anesthesiology Research
    Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychology
    Joint Faculty, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Knoxville, TN 37996-0900